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About Us

More than just an investment company

Vesuvius Holdings takes its name from the iconic volcano that shapes the bay of Naples Italy, the hometown of its founder Giuseppe “JP” Piccinini. It pays homage to the fertile soils and imposing presence of Mount Vesuvius, by emulating this on a business front.

Managing, Investing in and developing startups who have a solid passion, experienced management team and product is the focus of our company.

Vesuvius Holdings role is to fund and cultivate a business team, idea and model. We will mentor and retain a percentage equity ownership of the business with the continued purpose to counsel and grow the venture or help navigate it to a successful exit.

With a wide variety of holdings we have a goal to reach a billion dollars under management soon as we continue to grow and invest in the future success of our partners and our company. Our assets currently range from real estate, commercial and residential development; tech; hospitality and securities making our management team not only experienced and well versed in developing a start up but also incubating a business it to a successful maturity.

Our holdings

Brands & Holdings

Grande Vita
La Stella
Work Drive
Vesuvius Commercial Development
Capitolo Finale Trust
ZFG Nation LLC
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